Cat Vision

Cat Vision evolves of time as cats are born blind and their eyelids are sealed together. It normally takes about seven to ten days for their eyes to open, and when they finally do, they will not be able to see very well yet. Cats are all born with blue eyes to being with, and their iris begins changing colors as time goes by, some of them change from blue to yellow, from green to orange, depending on the breed. Cat’s eyes are very well designed. They cannot distinguish as many details as humans can, but they are able to capture the smallest movement, even when this movement happens at a distance.

They also have the ability to see a lot better then humans can in the dark. Obviously this is because they were designed to hunt in the night. Because of their shape and structure, a cats eyes are designed to capture all of the light possible, and it’s eyes are able to see six times more then humans eyes can in the dark. The cat’s pupil is a characteristic of cats in general. When a cat is in the dark, it’s pupils open automatically and this allows more light to come into its eyes. However when there is a lot of light, the pupils close until they look almost like a vertical line, and this does not allow as much light to come into them. Also believe it or not, a cats pupils change in size depending on their mood.

Behind a cats eyes there is a special layer of cells, which is called tapetum lucidum in Latin. This layer serves as a mirror that reflects the light that comes into direct contact with the cats eyes, it also makes the cats eyes look like they are shining when it’s eyes come into direct contact with a bright light such as headlights of a car, or a flashlight. During many years it was thought that cats could only see in black and white, however, recent investigations have demonstrated that cats are able to distinguish between the colors red, blue and white. They do have some difficulty seeing the shades of the color red, and it’s difficult for them to distinguish the difference between green and yellow. If you ever notice that your cat’s third eyelid shows a lot, make sure to take it to the veterinarian, as this is usually an indicator that the cat is sick.

Interesting fact: The eye of a cat is like a balloon that is full of liquid. The eyes are inside two holes that are located on the skull. Fat tissue and strong muscles protect the eyes and these also allow them to move. Like humans, cats have eyelids (three actually) that will automatically close if we touch its eyelashes or whiskers; they also need to blink to avoid their eyes from getting dry. Cats also blink in order to communicate with each other.

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