Cat Shelter

Creating a cat shelter for your pet is something that requires planning and preparation. Not only is your love for you cat necessary but it is also important to arm yourself with good information. It is crucial that you keep in mind all of the potential variables as well as the things that will guarantee your cat shelter will be a success. For example it is important to remember that the wild cat the ancestor of the domestic cat, is believed to have evolved in a desert climate. This is very evident if you study the behavior common to both the domestic and wild felines. Wild cats can be found as part of the native fauna on all the continents with the exception of continents of Australia and Antarctica. One of the more obvious behaviors to have arisen from cats desert evolution is their habit of burying their feces. Their feces are usually dry, and cats prefer to bury them in sandy places. They are also able to remain motionless for long periods of time, especially when observing prey and preparing to pounce, a vital skill when living in arid or desert regions without much vegetation. In the dry hot regions of North Africa you can still find small wildcats that appear very closely related to the ancestors of today’s domesticated feline breeds. Cats definitely enjoy heat and solar exposure, often sleeping in warm areas during the heat of the day. Cats like to be a lot warmer than humans do. People begin to get uneasy and distressed when their skins’ temperature gets higher than about 44.5 °C, this is a warm summers day for cats, as they don’t start showing signs of stress or discomfort until their skin reaches about 52 °C. By incorporating a knowledge of cats into your plans for a cat shelter you are more assured that you will end up with a winner.

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