Caniche Toy Poodle Breed & Race Information

On of the best known fashion shows since of all the small dogs this one is the easiest to maintain. This dog has an excellent sense of smell, which is why they can be used in search of drugs. Their lion trimming was used since Egyptian times, helping their ancestors to swim without their coat getting in the way. If you don’t like this look you can always choose the sheep-like cut. The name comes from “canichon”, the name of a baby duck which hasn’t changed feathers yet. The Caniche has hunting extinct and they were used for boar and deer hunting. They were used a company dogs by Luis XV inFrance. The breed became a fashion in the court and era of Napoleon III.

Character of the Caniche toy Poodle: They are intelligent and easy to train; but they are aware of their charm, and use it to get spoiled. They know how to manipulate their owners to get what they want, but if treated with affectionate firmness they make an excellent companion and faithful friend.

Although they have a delicate look, they enjoy exercising, running through the woods and swimming even if they aren’t very fast.

Characteristics of the Caniche toy Poodle

  • Size: There are various sizes; large, between 45 & 55 cm; medium, from 35 to 45 cm; miniature, under 35 cm and toy, under 28 cm.
  • Weight: 22, 12 or 7 kg (depending on their size)
  • Color: five colors are allowed, maroon, brown, gray, black or white, but with any of them it has to be a uniform color.
  • Coat: fluffy hair, very dense and silky. There is a stringy haired Caniche that is very rare.

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