Akita-Inu Dog Breed Information

This (inu) dog, comes from Japan and is the most majestic representative of the international spitz family.

Height, weight: from 61 to 71 cm high; weighs up to 50 kg. Is very stable.

Akita-Inu Fur, color: its back hair, as well as its under hair, is thick and soft. All its colors are usually red with a light coverage, reddish- brownish with a dark shading. Its curled up tail, is very typical.

Appropriate for: people that really understand dogs, that assume the Akita will and wants a special kind of dog.

Not Appropriate for: people who love subordinakita inu dog breedation and who live in a place where there is a bountiful amount of dogs nearby.

As a member of the family: affectionate and docile. Is calm, stable, brave and self-assured. Is even indifferent with strangers. Is vigilant and alert.

Breed’s character: it doesn’t let itself to be easily dominated. The Akita is a descendent from the polar regions; and was brought up as a fighting dog, and later on as a hunting dog, as a guardian and a family dog. In the year of 2000, there was a new breed being established that came from the Akita-Inu: it was then denominated as the Great Japanese Dog, and possibly, this is why a number of issues contain the name Akita-Inu, in their pedigree indexes.

Common sicknesses: hip disorders, and dental problems.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years of age.

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