When the Female Dog is Going to Give Birth

In this section, not only will you get to know the sequence of a normal birth, but also how you must act as of from the 58th day of pregnancy, which are the first symptoms of imminent birth and the evidence that something might not be going okay and will birth in a dog kennel.

What to do starting the 58th day of Pregnancy?
First Symptoms of Labor The Process of a Normal Whelping
Normal Whelping Whelping
Whelping Whelping stages
Last Whelping Stage When Problems Start
Dystocia How To Determine Dystocia
Episiotomy Caesarean
Administering oxytocin Position in which puppies are born
How should I apply manual traction? When must I act?
Identifying the Puppies Complete Check-Up To Discard Anomalies
Most Common Anomalies In Newborn Puppies “Swimmers” Or Flat-Chested Puppies
Hypothermia, Your Puppies’
Worst Enemy
When Is Birth Stage Over?
Visiting the Veterinarian: a MUST! The Moment the Female Dog is Going to Give Birth

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