What is & Where is Dog Third Eyelid Location

Are eyelid problems usual in dogsThe dog third eyelid rarely is noticed in a healthy dog. When the eye is closed, this fleshy membrane extends through the eye surface below the external eyelids. However, if the dog is sick and has lost weight, grease behind the eyelid is reduced, and the eye slightly plunges in its socket, exteriorizing the third eyelid. It could be damaged, and even become swollen. The incidence of these troubles varies according to the breeds. It is possible that eyelids are abnormally inverted, and so they can rub the ocular globe surface, causing an infection known as entropion. This is common inSaint Bernard,Chow Chow,LabradorandGolden Retriever, as well as many setters. The opposite, when lower eyelid is directed outside the eye, is known as ectropion, and is usual in greyhounds, and some spaniel breeds. In many cases surgical correction is required.

There are other ocular problems affecting the lachrymal gland, very frequent in some breeds, like thePekinese, which presents a deviation of eyelashes inwards, lammadas tirquiasis and thePoodle. It also requires surgery.

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