Westie Dog Haircut Grooming Hair Cut

Instructions to Westie haircut Grooming: Pull the hair of the dog with the medium sized trimmer on the back evenly. Continue on down to the sides until the line that goes from the posterior side of the shoulder blade and on top of the crotch. Pull the hair or shave the hair on the behind of the posterior part of the thighs and bottom. Cut the tail in a carrot shape with the serrated scissors. Shave the back part of the ear until behind the shoulders using number 8,5 by only slightly pressing on that area with the electric trimmer. Shave the throat from the collar mark until the chest. The top part of the legsand the coattail must be taken care of with the serrated scissors. Get rid of the hair on the neck with the trimmer or serrated scissors. Shave the abdomen, the contour of the sex, the crotch, and the anus if necessary with the blade number 10. Use the blade number 7/8 to cut the lower part of the paws and use blade number 10 for the last third of the ears interior and exterior always cutting in direction of the hair. Untangle the tangled areas of the long hair. Trim the dog’s nails and pull the hair from inside his ears.Westie haircut Grooming

Bathe the dog; dry him while at the same time brushing specifically the legs and head. Join the longer and short areas of hair by using the trimmer or serrated scissors. Cut the contour of the paws with the round scissors and the last third of the ears in point with the straight scissors. Clear the angles of the eyes and the upper part of the muzzle with the serrated scissors. Brush this hair forward and cut in front of the eyes by following the natural arch of the face by using curved scissors.

Material to use: Electric trimmer, blades number 10, 7/8, 8,5. Medium sized trimmer, fine trimmer, hard and soft teasel, comb, straight, curved and serrated scissors, nail clippers.

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