Toy Fox Terrier Puppy Breed & Race Information

The toys Fox Terriers are known for their elegant square shape and rectangular skull, with long and powerful jaws and forward-folded ears. Their tails point to the sky insolently. This is a brave puppy dog, with great hunting skills, that make him fearless enough to chase a wild boar. toy Fox Terriers are great wardens. These dogs are known since the 16th century. Their breed was developed from the crossing of a Foxhound, a Beagle and a Bull terrier. The British high society, keen on fox hunting, promoted the breed in the late 17th century. The smooth Fox Terrier used to be the most popular, but the Wirehaired Terrier variety has gained fame since 1920.

Character of a toy Fox Terrier: This is a loud, playful dog, very loyal and a bit jealous. It is rebel and stubborn, so it is a bit difficult for it to obey, nothing that can’t be solved with a bit of discipline and authority. This is a though dog that, nevertheless, has an elegant look. This energetic dog needs lots of exercise and fresh air, toy Fox Terriers like to dig, but are always willing to negotiate with their owners, they love playing with children and enjoy elderly people’s companion.

Characteristics toy Fox Terrier

  • Size: 39 cm long, approximately.
  • Weight: 8-9 kg.
  • Color: White with brown or black spots.
  • Hair: Wirehaired or Smooth.

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