Teckel Dog Breed Information

The Teckel was originally brought up to be a burrow defender. For being a hunter it is well know all over the world.

Height, weight: it has various different sizes and weights. A normal sized Teckel: from 35 to 45 cm high, maximum; weighs from 5 to 9 kg. A Tiny Teckel: up to 35 cm high; weighs 4 kg. Teckel (Kaninchen): up to 30 cm high; weighs up to 3,5 kg.

Fur, color: it has three different types of hair.Teckel
Long haired: soft, straight and silky and crust around the tail; single-colored red, or bicolor black-brown. Rough haired: stiff, bushy; long beard and eyebrows; all colors, specially wild boar colored. Short haired: short, dense, bright; single colored red or bicolor black and brown.

Appropriate for: anybody.

Not Appropriate for: inconsistent people.

As a member of the family: well-educated, better than what you hear of it. Good guardian, although a bit noisy. Sociable with the family.

Breed’s character: tough, lively. Brave, marked personality, clever and intelligent. A faithful guard of its property, energetic and self-assured.

Common sicknesses: spinal problems (limping, arthritis, ossifications).

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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