Puppy Leash Training. How to Leash Train your Puppy.

Thebest time to teach your dog about the leash is when he is a puppy. How to train apuppy for leashusage try the following advice. With abuckle collar and a leashthat isn’t heavy begin with your puppy wearing it for ten to thirty minutes, three times a day for a week. A puppy should be allowed to just drag it around thehouseor yard or you can attach the end of the leash to his favorite toy or another already trained dog. Your puppy will probably whine, scratch at the leash, step all over it or try to chew it but be patient and ignore the complaints. To stop the chewing, spray a chewing deterrent all over the leash before play time.

After your puppy has become accustomed to dragging the leash pick up the end and lure him to walk by your left side with a toy or some other enticement.

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