Puppies with Rickets

Often, a stray dog that hasn’t had a good master or never had one at all can suffer from rickets. You will notice crooked legs, arched back and thick articulations. Rickets is generally caused by a lack of vitamin D, which helps consolidate the calcium in the tissues. It is characterized by the deficiency of calcium, the softening and deformation of the bones. It is caused by the lack of calcium, phosphorus and mineral salts in the diet, also due to the bad hygienic conditions, lack of sun and exercise. Rickets is generally only noticeable when it is in its advanced stages, but it is still possible to fight it off, especially if the dog is still young. If you administer large doses of calcium and phosphorus, along with a rich diet, you can get rid of rickets.

Vitamins are crucial for the development of the health of the dog. Very often, the only vitamins that a stray dog absorbs are the ones found on the peel of an apple or an egg yolk found in a trash can. For this reason, when that dog becomes part of your family, you have to provide him all the things he has never had.

Besides the vitamins that , according to the situation and need, the veterinarian will recommend, you have to administer raw grated carrots, orange, grape and tomato juice and apple peel and you ought to avoid overly cooked meals, as cooking reduces the wealth of vitamins and nutrients in the food.

If your dog only consumes meat, you’ll have to add mineral salts that contain calcium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, zinc, iodine and magnesium. Obviously, the veterinarian must tell you the necessary amounts.

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