Newfoundland Puppy Dog Breed & Race Information

In spite of the elegant appearance the Newfoundland Breed is a rustic dog, and his perfect hair is only perfect when it has just been groomed. Information tells us the Newfoundland dog needs exercise, so it is not for the sedentary. This dog tends to drool a bit too much. In the seventeenth century European ships that visited the Newfoundland took rough and resistant dogs, such as the Portuguese Water dog. The first Newfoundland dogs helped sailors, rescuing people and boats, barked whenever there was a close reef, swam from boat to boat, pulled ropes, taking the boats to the shore andbrought up objects that fell into the water. From 1815 they were about to disappear from Newfoundland, and the British sailors took these dogs to England, from where they were exported to many different places in Europe.

Character of the Newfoundland Puppy: They like being part of family life. These dogs are known as “Gentle Giants”, although they are courageous and intrepid. Given their passion fro water, they should be able to swim often. These dogs are adapted to the water, as they have special paws. They are independent and obstinate, so they could do with obedience exercise.

Characteristics of the Newfoundland Dog

  • Size: Male: 68 cm min., female: 63 cm. min.
  • Weight: 50-70 kg.
  • Color: Black with blue highlights. Some have brown spots or white chest and paws.
  • Hair: Very thick and a bit greasy, the coat is water resistant. The undercoat is woolly.

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