Man Best Friend Dog Training

The domestication of the dog is a substantial modification of its behavior. The relationships between the Man Best Friend and the Dog Training, even though they are different, conserve pieces of their original behavior. In order to understand how these relationships are established, it is precise to know two very important elements: the rituals and pheromones.

The Rituals: These consist in a set of behaviors that help the animals to communicate with the owners and allow them to confront certain situations without resorting to violence. It is due to these that the dog acquires some references that allow it to understand what is happening around it. The lack of rituals in these relationships can lead to anxiety situations or aggressiveness. To prevent this, the puppy needs a stable life in a stable environment. We should not doubt about taking the dog to the same places and repeating our outings with them, in order for it to get used to the changes without fear. The dog’s life needs some very precise reference points.

Pheromones: These are substances secreted by the dog and also by the man; they provoke a determined behavior in another individual. The most common example is the establishment of their territory.

The Couple Owner-Dog: It is clear that the owner of a dog is not the chief of a herd of females. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that the relationships with the dog has clear references with the wild behavior. Some moments during our daily lives are keys for the organization.

The foodIn a heard, the dominating male eats first and occupies the central zone. The owner must take the role of the dominating individual. This means that he/she must eat before the dog and occupy the territory before the dog. If this norm is not respected this will lead to numerous behavior alterations. The worst conduct that we can expect from the owner is to feed the dog first, then wait to see if it finishes all of it and finally sit down at the table to eat. In this situation the dog assumes the position of domination.

The Bedroom: From the first moment the dog walks in the house it realizes that the bedroom is the hierarchical center of the house. We must not concede the puppy with any privilege because if we do the puppy will question our position of domination.

Hierarchical Structuring: The owner is the dominator and the dog the dominated. If we always have this concept in mind we will prevent most of the behavioral problems that are exposed in this book. The Puppy’s Development

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