Grooming a Schnauzer: Mini, Miniature or Giant

Material to use: Electric trimmer. Teasel, comb, fine trimmer, straight, serrated and curved scissors.

Cut the hair on the head starting from the eyebrows until the back of the neck and also do the ears interior and exterior. Shave the external third part of the eyebrows and go down by the cheek from the exterior angle of the eyes.
Shave the dog’s throat from behind the mustache until the chest, clearing the front of the shoulders until where the legs begin. Leave a little patch of hair at around the sternum area.
Pull out the hair from the area that goes from the cross until the tail as well as the hair from the tail with your hand.
Go down the sides until a line that goes from the shoulder blade until the ingle and shave it with scissors or by machine; start from in front of the
thigh until the top of the hock and flatten the buttocks area. The sides and the lower part of the tail can be shaved or cut with the serrated scissors.
Shave the abdomen, the contour of the sex and the top part of the inside of the thighs.
Join the different areas with the fine trimmer. Trim down the hair on the neck by hand or with the serrated scissors and then join them with the shaved areas. Cut around the contour of the paws rounding them with the curved scissors. Cut the locks of hair on the chest at around the height of the elbow and mark the sides from behind the ribs. Brush the hair forward and even the eyebrows, beard, and whiskers. The eyebrows should be left long in the front and cut on the sides.

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