Golden Retriever Information. Golden Retriever Puppy Care

This prettyGolden Retrieverdog is well proportioned, muscular and of noble head, first appeared in the nineteenth century. Lord Tweedmouth was one of the main supporters of this breed, thanks to a scrupulous study on genealogy, which favored the golden color and curled hair, and the improvement of the senses (they have an excellent nose) and potency with the influence of the Bloodhound. They are outstanding bird dogs and are also used as guide dogs fro the sightless. They can hunt not only on land but also in the water. They are considered one of the best family companion dogs in the UK and America. They have been used in therapy, for they are kind and sweet and need good care.

Character of the Golden Retriever Puppy Information: Charming, well-mannered dogs, they are very intelligent and vivacious. Having some tendency to gain weight, they need regular exercise. They are very patient to children and like sharing activities with the family. Their warding instinct is not well developed.

Characteristics of the Golden Retriever Information

  • Size: The male is 56-61 cm, while the female is: 51-56 cm long
  • Weight: 25-32 kg
  • Color: Yellow, cream or golden in all their shades.
  • Hair: Slightly curly or straight, somewhat thick.

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