Golden Retriever Dog Breed Information

TheGolden Retrieveris one of the most beautifulr etrievers, for its outstanding golden color. From a hunting dog, it came to be a common house dog.

Height, weight: up to 62 cm; and up to 34 kg. Symmetric constitution, distance runner.

Fur, color: straight over coating with thick and waterproof under hair. All tones of gold and cream.
Appropriate for: families that have the time to take care of it and can take long walks with it.

Not Appropriate for: small houses or people that live close to the woods.

golden retriever

As a member of the family: devoted, balanced, not aggressive. Sociable with other domestic animals. Insensitive to wind and storms. Good guard, but never noisy.

Breed’s character: kind, kid-friendly and easy to handle. Learns happily and well. Great swimmer. Very resistant it’s a good hunting dog with a good sense of smell. Very appreciated companion. Bred in the half of the XIX century through the “yellow” side of the Flat Coated Retriever and Water Spaniel.

Common sicknesses: cataracts in old age.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years

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