German Wirehaired Pointer Dog Breed Information

A German hunting dog of great use. It is very popular in its place of origin.

Height, weight: from 56 to 67 cm. ideal weight between 25 and 30 kg.

Fur, color: hard, rough fur, it’s shorter on the head and ears. Color varies from dark to light brown, and is usually white with brown or black spots.

Appropriate for: energetic people who like to move and go out to the countryside.
Not Appropriate for: who live in an apartment and don’t go out daily.

As a member of the family: doesn’t need excessive care. Is a good friend for the family and very patient with children. Dogs of this breed are usually very obsessive with their owner, and although training them is hard, are useful for hunting and guarding.

Breed’s character: although it’s a hunting dog in it’s original country, it’s usually used as a guard and hunt dog. It’s temperamental and must be treated firmly.

Common sicknesses: is a very large dog

Life expectancy: up to 12 years.

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