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Dogs lived with human and not only survived but thrived on the dog food recipes which came from the dinning room for thousands of years. For this, finding free natural home made dog food recipes is not easy (Locating Good Easy Dog Treat Recipes is next to impossible) are. Only in the last hundred years or so have we been led to believe that dogs can not survive without packaged food. We now not only feel that we must feed our dogs “quality” canned or packaged food but that it would be harmful if we were to give them the scraps from our own home cooked meals.How did this change in mind sets come about. Well as packaged dog food became available it was a boon to all those busy dog owners who were rushing off to work etc… Also the dog food manufacturers promoted their products as healthy and nutritiously well balanced. As the industry grew and the advertising dollars poured out people began to accept the myth that unless their beloved pet was fed “specially” processed foods it was in danger of malnutrition. This acceptance of the packaged dog food manufacturers lie has become so overwhelmingly prevalent that many are actually fearful of feeding their dogs food which they and their children eat everyday…

When people started questioning the veracity of the dog food makers claims and challenging the actual nutritional value of canned or bagged dog foods the industry came back with a new answer “gourmet/premium” dog food. Now you can get the same tasteless gunk or dried out biscuits as before (maybe with a few added vitamins or minerals) but in new and more expensive packaging.100s of Natural Home Made Dog food chopping dog treat recipesDog Biscuits and Dog Treat Recipes However conscious people are becoming concerning the dangers of hormones, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotic supplements in our food intake, etc… few still stop to consider the ramifications of

Dog soups
Basic Dog BrothChicken stock
Dog dumplingsSaluki’s dog soup
Liver lover’s dog soupScottish dog soup
Winter dog soupVegetarian chowder

opening a can of dog food into their pet’s food bowl. Most would never consider feeding their fachef cooking dog treatsmily canned foods or processed fast foods for every meal of every day of every week of their lives. So what about our dogs? Many vets are now beginning to attribute many modern day pet illnesses to the highly processed diets they receive. Granted there are pet food companies who do provide good quality food for your pets but unfortunately most are content with dishing out poor substandard meals that contain things you wouldn’t feed yourself. So if you wouldn’t give it to your children why are you forcing your dog to live on it?Look past all those glitzy expensive pet food advertisements and think about pouring that dry tasteless bagged or smelly gunky canned dog food onto you dinner plate. Ichopping dog treat recipessn’t it about time that you took a good hard look at the facts and started feeding you dog something not only nutritious but yummy as well? We will provide you not only with some good dog food basics but also some delicious recipes. So delve into our site and let your dog experience the wonderful world of gourmet canine cuisine…

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