First Symptoms of Dog Labor

As you already know, the first imminent symptom of birth is a considerable drop in body temperature, but there are other evidences that the female is getting ready to give birth; for example, is usually very normal that one or two days before — although sometimes also a couple hours before — the female vomits and empties her stomach; it’s also very frequent for her to reject food. Likewise, she will frequently “make and unmake” her bed, insistently digging and turning things upside down. You’ll notice that she is more Al occurred and nervous, with periods of deep sleep and others of insomnia. She will want to hide from strangers that might visit the house and she will not tolerate the presence of other animals or dogs in her entourage, to the point where she might even get aggressive against them.

She will make her vulva and continuously look backwards when walking, as if she were afraid to “lose something”. There’ll be moments in which she will want to be lying down on her favorite couch, but then in other moments she will follow her owners all around the house, especially the housewife, like a ghost.

Finally, she’ll start to and more consistently and might even grown when a contraction causes pain.

For example, my St. Bernard, Lantana, has a little vice which she manifests approximately 1 week before each birth: she tries to stick her big 55 kg under my night table; obviously a mission impossible. In her case I don’t even need to take the body temperature because I already know that this attitude means that she is ready.

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