Female Dog Bitch nutrition and feeding while nursing

After the birth, a dog will recover her appetite and will start the production of milk. From this moment, the dog will need a nutritious and remarkable quantity of food. Divide the meals into three daily nutritionist quantities plus include protein and calcium. The protein is for the tissue’s growth of the puppies and they received it from the mother’s milk. The calcium in a phosphate form constitutes the mineral substance of the bones in the puppies, which helps the puppy grow. If the dog receives an insufficient quantity of protein, the puppies will grow slowly and the dog will loose weight. The results of an insufficient consumption of calcium can produce the mother’s death.

Death is produced because the mammary glands need calcium a lot more faster than what the mother’s bones can mobilized them and the level of calcium descends in blood unless it is maintained by the consumption of calcium. If the level of calcium in the blood descends until a certain level, the dog will suffer from muscular convulsions and she will die in a few hours unless is alleviated by injecting a calcium substance. The protein increases with a big amount of extra meat received. If the meat comes from canned food, this will provide calcium and vitamins. You can supply meat with a mineral supplement. The milk is a high source of calcium and protein although it can be laxative. The easier procedure to reinforce a lactate dog is with cow’s milk as long she is not allergic to that product. The appropriate quantities are 140 c.c. daily for small Breeds, 280 c.c. for medium size and 570 c.c. for bigger dogs. Occasional, the dog does not produce enough milk for a normal growth of her litter. In case of having several puppies, considered the possible death of one or more puppies. It they all appear healthy, just feed them with a supplement.

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