Dog Talk – How Puppies Communicate

Puppies communicating with other puppies: Dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs will react in a hostile way when running into other dogs such as walking straight, it’s head will barely lifted, and its tail becomes stiff and rigid. All this dog talk relates to communications between a dog and the rest of the world. The dogs ears will be pointing forward and his eyes will be fixed on the other animal and the hair on the dogs neck and back will be standing. A dog that has this type of reaction, is aiming to attack. While getting ready to do so, the dog shows his teeth while growling and his ears will be stuck to the sides of his head. A submissive dog brings his body down and in some occasions, even drags himself with flexible movements. A submissive dog’s tail moves from side to side and his ears hang loosely slightly back and away from his head, at the same time his mouth will besomewhat open. As the dog puts his ears behind, his eyebrows become longer and his eyes give the impression of being fixed on something since they look so round. A dog owner is also able to recognize his or her dog’s happiness in every move he makes, starting from when he wags his tail until the incredible shine in his eyes. A dog that is afraid shows certain signs of it as well. This becomes evident through the facial expressions and body movements of the dog. A frightened dog will arch his back lowering his head from the shoulders, and his ears become stiff and retracted. A scared dog will have a scared look in his eyes but at the same time he will avoid looking directly into the eyes, and on some occasions the dog drools. The dog puts his tail between his behind legs and seems to be unstable while standing. When a dog responds to a lot of fear, he may stay in the position just mentioned above, or he might take off running, depending on the situation and the reason for his fear.

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