Dog Tail Movement Meaning & Problems

The surer the dog is of itself, the more it moves its tail and says more things with it.

  • Relaxed tail: Relaxation and comfort.
  • Hanging horizontal but not stiff: A sign of attention. The dog sees something interesting.
  • Hanging horizontal but stiff: The dog is confronting an intruder or someone or something unknown.
  • Upright tail: This is a sign of authority of a dog that shows itself dominant.
  • Upright tail and turned over the back: shows trust and self-control.
  • Downward and close to the hind legs: If its extremities are rigid and it wags its tail slightly, it shows “I’m not feeling well”. If its legs are slightly bent it’s a sign on insecurity.
  • Tail hidden between its legs: Fear or submission.
  • Raised tail and slow and rhythmic movement: The dog is on guard.
  • Wagging lightly: Is their normal welcome.
  • Wagging with broad circles: “I like you”. When two dogs are mock fighting this movement confirms it’s a game.
  • Wagging at a slow speed: When it’s being trained it means “I’m trying to understand you, I want to know what you’re saying but I don’t understand yet”. Once it finally understands, the dog wags its tail faster.
  • Short and slow movements: Shows that it’s pleased. Sometimes its only wags its tail a few times when it’s on the floor.
  • Wagging fast: Excitement to a desired activity or object.

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