Dog Stair Climbing

Different dogs have different kinds of fears but there is one common one and that is the stairs. If you have noticed that your dog has a fear of stairs there is a way to help him with this, you will need to start off by practicing little by little. Make sure that when you start your dog is on the leash, hold his leash closely to him, in other words, keep the leash short. Pick a stairway that is wide to avoid him from slipping. You must show your dog your confidence with the stairs, try looking up instead of down at the stairs so that he feels the confidence in you. Once he has succeeded in taking the first step be sure to reward him and progressively so, just remember to take it slowly and to repeat this training as much as you can to help him. With younger puppies it is recommendable to put him on the last step of the stairs, then see if he works up the bravery to jump off, or try to allure him by waiting for him on the floor with a treat or toy that he likes. Once you see that he has this down, put him on the second and so forth until he has climbed all the flight of stairs. One good thing is that most puppies have no problem coming down the stairs once they know how to get up.

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