Dog Skin Problems

Antiseptics are indispensable to treat Dog Skin Problems: alcohol, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, etc. We must be careful when we administrate these products because most of these irritate the skin if they are pure. Diluting the solution will depend on the product. Soap is usually the traditional antiseptic. If it is used correctly then it is very effective in disinfecting any type of wound. An infected wound is cleaned with soap and then rinsed with plenty warm water. Then the antiseptic must be applies, alcohol or iodine. Hydrogen peroxide is used to clean the wound and make it look presentable since it cleans away the blood. Antibiotic sprays are used to prevent local infections. For the rest skin problems we will need another product against scabies. The anti-inflammatory lotions are used to fight against allergies and dermatitis.

Digestive Upheavals: Dogs frequently suffer from diarrhea. In order to fight it we will need:

  • A gastric protector in the form of gel or powder.
  • An antibiotic that acts against the digestive bacteria
  • A solution to control the movement of the intestine

The adequate product for constipation is paraffin oil. It is important that we don’t forget to ask a vet before we use these products.

Infections: Infections are fought with antibiotics. There are many types, in function to affected organs (reproduction, pulmonary, etc). In order to get these you must get a recipe from the vet.

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