Dog Shit Removal -Dog Excrement

It is, above all, a matter of respect but it usually constitutes a major problem when having a dog. A Dog should not, by any means leave his dog excrement on the side walk. That’s something that is very well known to every person who owns a dog, but that rule is not always respected. In most places you may be fined for letting this occur because it is conceptual danger to the health of the overall population, it has been clinically proven that dogs are a way of transmitting diseases.The removal of “dog shit” is the owner’s responsibility. It also presents a danger for people walking on the sidewalks, if they step on the excrement that the dog has left behind they might slip and fall and get hurt. If you allow your dog to do his necessities in a open yard or a park you are responsible to clean up after him, if you do not you may have to pay a fine for polluting the environment.

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