Dog Nutritional Supplements & Dog Nutritious Complements

In the market we will find good Dog Nutritious Supplements and vitamins. The nutritious complements are products (minerals and vitamins) that are added to the diet during the short period of time in the animal’s life according to the specific necessities of each one. Through out the dog’s lives, they need nutritional supplements depending on their age and physiological necessities: growth, gestation and breast feeding, dull hair, large amounts of activity or fatigue. The important thing is that the product adapts to the animal’s necessities. These are not necessary if we administer the right premium food.

Growth: Vitamins and minerals are indispensable to guarantee the puppy’s correct bone mineralization. Some puppies from beg breeds grow in a year in proportion to what humans grow in 15 years. In less than ten days, the puppy doubles its weight. During this stage, the vitamins and minerals are indispensable. When the puppy’s growth has ended, between the eighth and 12 month, we must stop using them. The most practical presentation is the one that comes in powder.

Gestation and Breast Feeding: During these periods, the mother’s organism uses all the calcium in order to form the puppy’s skeleton, and later on in producing milk. The complements are also used for female dogs during the gestation period and the period of breast feeding. The supplements should be administered when breast feeding begins until it finishes.

The Process of Recuperation: Let’s not forget about the older animals. There are some complements that reinforce the tone in general. Each four months we must foresee one month of treatment. For those dogs that are under a lot of physical interaction we must administer the complement in order for their organism to adapt to their physical effort. The supplement must be given to the dog 1 month before the intensive exercise begins. These products fight fatigue because its thanks to them that hypoglycemia is slowed down. The animals that receive this type of complements have a better endurance and recuperation.

Dietetic Dog Nourishment: What do we understand by this? In other words, this term designates the different foods that are adequate for specific physiological situations (puppy, gestation, breast feeding, etc). On the other hand, in medical terms, it designates foods with special objectives; what we mean by this is that they are destined for animals who present a particular illness (urea crisis, hepatic insufficiency, etc.). Most of the time the term dietetic is used in both senses: for feeding with special objectives and for physiological periods.

Dog Hair Care: The complements for the dog’s hair are based on specific vitamins. The treatments last from 10 to 15 days, every 2 months. The use of every product is normally specified on the label as well as the instructions of how to use them.

Dog Obesity: A healthy nutrition in a normal quantity is one of the keys for being healthy. One of the main problems coming from bad nutrition is obesity, each time it is more common in dogs and the consequences are dramatic.Average Dog Weight

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