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Buying a Dog leash is what appears to be a very simple purchase but is made complicated by the WIDE variety of Dog leashes one has to elect from. The are nylon leashes rigged for single and some are for two. Those are called and searched as a double dog leash. Some leashes are in leather, others in plastic nylon with designer motifs or patterns on them. I really like those one as they are a nice change from the boring all blue or all red dog leashes

I you ever notices those dog leashes that kind of roll up? They are made of a mechanical system that allows the dog walking owner to “roll” or “rill” the dog back in at the touch of a button. One minute giving you puppy or dog a long rope, the other second after you hit the rollback get back here trigger, the dog leash is taken down to just a few feet ( 3 meters) long. Any length, any moment!

Those leashes are cool and useful but sometimes will cause you mechanical problems for the system inside may jam up and stop. ++ They are pretty much expensive.

A good old fashion nylon leash is really all you need anyway. Cheap and reliable, those leashes come in any style and color you want or may dream of.


dog leashes

Dog leashes


dog leash

Dog leash


Dog Leashes

Nylon Dog leashes

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designer leash pattern
Designer Leash

Designer Color leash/Collar

Matching Dog leashes

Soft, durable nylon in25 colorsthan you can wag your tail at. Available in 3 widths and lengths.
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Dog leash training or more specifically training a dog with a leash is easily achieved with such a instrument. Teaching a dog to walk on a leash is all about showing the dog how is the boss. As tuff as it may sound the only way to stop a dog from pulling on a Dog leash is to pull back on it yourself. And, when I say pull, I mean PULL on it hard. This will hurt the dog a little and usually just enough to train it to not get to the end on the leash.

Never let the dog pull you with the dog leash. You are the boss and the dog must learn that by you and only by you. There is no alternative.

Below here are some pictures of various styles of dog leashes. By clicling here and there you can view and maybe buy a Dog leash you like. Take your time for as I said, too many options make this somewhat confusing.

Note call us with any questions on your leash picking.

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