Dog Language -How to speak dog language

Dogs speak, but in different language. And unfortunately it’s impossible to learn their language by studying there movements and gestures. Dogs make smirks and gestures with their face and body just like humans do to express their feelings. And some of these gestures are very similar to ones that we do, but can mean totally different things.

Expressing negative feelings: Dogs will always give warnings when there is something they don’t like. If you see your dog or any other make a gesture like any of the following, you should leave him alone:

Staying still all of a sudden: If your dog freezes to the spot in the middle of something, it means that he isn’t feeling secure of himself and would rather be left alone. Dogs tend to do this when they have a bone in their mouth, and they don’t want to lose it. If they do this it’s pretty dangerous to try to take it away from them.

Growling: Growling is an obvious threat. Growling normally means “leave!”. But dogs growl while playing as well so be careful.

When they show their teeth: When dogs show us their teeth, it means that their prepared to bite. It’s like saying: “I’m warning you, I’m armed”. But remember that every time they start panting and puffing they show their teeth and that doesn’t mean he is going to bite.

Raising their back: Dogs raise their back as if too look bigger than what they really are, because something or someone is scaring them. If you notice this, stay away, because sometimes scared dogs bite.

Drop with their tail between their legs: When a dog does this it means that they are scared. Normally when a dog is frightened they run, but it is best to stay away, since fear may cause them to bite.

Being friendly: Dogs also have gestures to show their friendship and affection. If you see a dog doing any of these gestures it probably means that he is inviting you to play with him.

Inviting you to playhow to speak dog languageWhen a dog lowers his head and chest a lot but at the same times keeps his rear end normal as if to jump, he is clearly asking you and inviting you to play with him.

Raising his hand: When a dog raises his paw as if to shake your hand it means that he wants to be your friend, just like humans do when shaking hands.

Tail Gestures: Dogs use their tail to express a lot of different feelings, but you got to know how to interpret these gestures. Some canine breeds get their tales up or down for different reasons, and that’s why it’s not very easy to tell their moods. If a dog is happy and likes us, he will wag his tail. But be careful! A moving tail doesn’t always mean contentment.

  • If the dog has his tail totally up and wags it in a wicked way, he can be doing it to annoy and bother us.
  • If he has his tail down and is barely wagging it, it most likely means insecurity.
  • If the dog is wagging his tail but has it between his legs, it means he is terrorized.

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