Dog Grooming Care

Don’t try to rush to get your dog grooming care job done too quickly, go at your own pace and make sure the blade is always flat up against the dog’s skin. The best area to start out in is a flat and wide part of the dog’s body such as the back. This type of haircut is useful for companion dogs; however, normally dogs that are to be used for a dog show get trimmed. It’s important to first visualize and look at areas that need to get cut before actually starting. Let’s say you are giving your poodle a haircut; you would have to stop on the top part of its shoulder blade, and at the superior part of its thighs (the paws will need to get done with scissors). Make sure to always be aware of theprecautions and to leave the dog’s hair a little longer than you had intended since you can then go back and fix it up. Most importantly is to be very careful and attentive at all moments. Remember that a dog that has been trained to be groomed from the moment he is a puppy is more likely to cooperate than a dog that hasn’t.

Nasty mats and scissors: If while brushing your dog’s hair you run into a stubborn knot or mat and you don’t want to trim the dog with an electric trimmer, scissors are always a good option, however, there are techniques to using them. Never cut the mat by the base horizontally as this will just turn into a big hole in your dog’s coat and it is something irreparable and it will not look nice.Just the same way you would untangle knots from the dog’s ears is the way you will need to precede to untangle stubborn mats or knots from the dog’s body. Very carefully open the mat lengthwise with your fingers then brush it with the de-matting comb.

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