Dog Fur Coat Care

Taking care of your dog’s hair is fundamental for the well being and health of your dog. It’s suggested to brush your dog’s hair daily as this will work in favor of the blood circulation of the skin and it helps to get rid of dead hair as well as stimulate the growth of new hair; it also avoids the dog’s hair from turning into mats (which generally have to be cut off by using scissors). Taking care of your dogs coat and hair will also help you to be in control and aware of the dog’s skin; keep an eye that the dog’s skin is pink, without wounds, fleas, ticks, or does not show any other signs of irritation that can be caused by dermatitis or external parasites.

A dog’s hair is made up of a subtle filament, which is elastic and flexible and about a third part of the longitude is fixated onto the dog’s skin. A dog’s hair is “born”, nurtures, grows and is then replaced by new hair after dying;each hair lasts approximately ninety to one hundred days, after which the dog’s body starts producing new hair which weakens the other. This is of course a natural change, although this does not happen to all the dogs‘ hair at the same time, it affects only portions of the hair at a time. If you have or have had a dog, you well know that a dog’s hair goes through changes throughout the year, sometimes these changes are evident (especially during shedding season) while other times they are barely noticeable. A dog’s hair, or coat is classified according to its length, density, and hardness; besides this, their hair is also distinguished by how short or long it is.

Short haired dogsShort hair has a length of 1 to 4 centimeters. This type of hair is usually hard to the touch, which is adhered to the skin and stiff all around. Some of the breeds that have this type of hair are Dalmatians, boxers, and Dobermans.

Dogs with semi long hair: Semi long hair is a little longer than 4 centimeters and it maintains its same length in a straight line. Only animals that have semi long hard hair have voluminous hair all over their bodies with the exception of some parts of their body such as their extremities and their nose area where their hair is short (seen in German shepherds).

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