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A dog for each person: There are more than two thousand dog breeds in the world and our dog breed encyclopedia has them separated according to their use. Dog Breed information come about in order to identify the tasks of each breed, however nowadays most of them are company dogs.Herding breeds are very useful, like the German and Belgian Shepherd. These breeds were developed in certain areas which gives it their name, and also many different kinds. While herding has diminished in the last decades, they are commonly used in detecting drugs and rescue work.

The Spitz type of dog; like theHusky, are very hard to train due to their extraordinary independence. They are strong dogs, specially theSamoyed,Alaskan MalamuteandHuskies.

Terriers are rodent hunters, which due to social changes have

Alaskan MalamuteSiberian Husky
Basset houndLabrador Retriever
BobtailGerman Shepherd
BoxerBelgian Shepherd
Bull TerrierGroenendael
English BulldogPekingese
King Charles SpanielSaint Bernard
Chow ChowIrish Setter
Cocker SpanielShar Pei
CollieAmerican Staffordshire Terrier
DalmatianYorkshire Terrier
Deutsche DoggeWest Highland White Terrier
Fox TerrierDachshund
Afghan HoundGolden Retriever
Spanish Hound 

become company dogs. These active breeds will have the instinct to dig, which can be solved by giving them place to do it.Hunt dogs usually have a short, bicolor or tricolor coat and an athletic build. The hounds, like the Saint Hubert, hunt by their sense of smell. The dogs that are most used for hunting, which are bred to track, show and retrieve the prey. Include the Spaniels, Setters, Retrievers and Pointers.

Retrieve dogs are specially used to find the prey and bring it back. The lifters are the dogs that get close enough to the live prey to scare it and have it run so the hunter can have a clear shot. The most outstanding being theGolden Retrieverand theLabradoralong with theCockerand Springer Spaniel. The original company dogs are the Maltese,Canishe, Lhasa Apso, Chihuahua,King Charles SpanielandCarline.

The Afghan DogThe Basenji DogThe Basset Dog
The Brichon Frise DogThe Borzoi DogThe Briard Dog
The Boxer DogThe English BulldogThe Bullterrier Dog
The PoodleThe Chihuahua DogThe Chow Chow Dog
The Cocker Spaniel DogThe Long Bearded CollieThe Border Collie Dog
The Long Haired CollieThe Welsh Corgi DogThe Dalmatian Dog
The Doberman DogThe Argentine DogoThe Greyhound Dog
The Great Dane DogThe Brussels Griffon DogThe Keeshond Dog
The Whippet DogThe Irish Whippet DogThe Lhasa Apso Dog
The Pomeranian LuluThe German ShepherdThe Belgian Shepherd
Old English ShepherdThe Zetlander ShepherdThe Beagle Dog
The Pekinese DogThe Pyrenees DogThe Dachshund Dog
The Pointer DogThe Flat Hair RetrieverThe Labrador Retriever
The Golden RetrieverRhodesia RidgebackThe Rottweiler Dog
The Saluku DogThe Samoyed DogThe Saint Bernard Dog
The Gordon Setter DogThe English Setter DogThe Irish Setter Dog
The Shar-Pei DogThe Shih Tzu DogKing Charles Spaniel
The Terranova DogWest Highland TerrierThe Airedale Terrier Dog
The Boston Terrier DogThe Yorkshire TerrierThe Scottish Terrier Dog
The Jack Russell TerrierThe Hungarian VizslaThe Weimaraner Dog

List of Dog Breeds

Airedale TerrierAkita-Inu
Alaskan MalamuteBasset Hound
Bouviers Des FlandresBoxer
German Shorthaired PointerBull Terrier
English BulldogPoodle
American CockerCocker Spaniel
Rough CollieDalmatian
DobermanGerman Dogo
Argentinean DogoCanary Dogo
German Wirehaired PointerEpagneul Breton
Fox TerrierAfghan Hound
Spanish GreyhoundGolden Retriever
Siberian HuskyLabrador Retriever
Lhasa ApsoBichon Maltese
Pyrenean MastiffSpanish Mastiff
Neapolitan MastiffPyrenean Mountain Dog
German ShepherdCatalan Shepherd
Briard ShepherdSpanish Water Dog
Ibiza HoundPointer
SamoyedSaint Bernard
Standard SchnauzerGiant Schnauzer
Miniature SchnauzerScottish Terrier
English SetterIrish Setter
Shar PeiShih Tzu
American Staffordshire TerrierStaffordshire Terrier
TeckelBelgian Shepherd Dog
West Highland White TerrierYorkshire Terrier

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