Dog Birth. Puppy Birth

This is the first link that is broken between the mother dog and the puppy, but at the same time represents the beginning of a series of relationships with the outer world.

The Emotional Aspect: The conditions for the birth occur correctly are the following. The environmental conditions should not be disturbed, the female must be at ease and calm, the vaginal tissue must dilate correctly and the contractions of the uterus must be sufficient. The fetus must have a normal size in relation to the size of the hips and they must be presented with their frontal paws next to their head, which is the first thing that comes out. During labor the female dog suffers from anxiety and protests for the presence of the owner. This restlessness is originated because the female does not know what is going on and she instinctively fears for the safety of her young. This is the reason why most female dogs give birth during the night since they feel safer. Tranquility is an indispensable element for the development of a good labor. If in this first moment of life everything is calm the puppy will have a normal arrival to the world.

The Umbilical Chord: At birth the puppy is still attached to the mother by the umbilical chord. The female dog can rip the chord herself, but sometimes it is necessary that the owner of the dog takes care of it. The female eats some of the placentas and then takes care of the puppies. The owner who has followed the whole process must leave and leave the mother and the puppies alone, who will transmit their first teachings until the breast feeding stage is over. Since this moment the owner can be part of this again. An owner who is too possessive dies bit favor the balance of the little ones.

The First Exchanges: These are fundamental for the balance of the puppy. En the first hours the mother communicates with them through touch.

Cleanliness: This stage of the first care is fundamental and influences the puppy’s future behavior. The mother takes care of the small one to stimulate him and warm him up. Often the mother begins to take care of one puppy before labor is over. The care that the mother provides the puppy is always a meticulous cleaning. Then the mother licks the puppy it stimulates its respiration, gives it warmth, and while the mother licks around the genital area this urges the puppy to pee. This behavior is instinctive and permits to establish the relationship of affection between the mother and the puppy, which will help it confront the outer world. Thanks to the smell each puppy is identified and marked. The puppies can feel the warmth of the mother’s body which attracts them to her body, therefore allowing them to be able to breast feed.

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