Correcting Common Puppy Behavior Problems

Let’s say that you have already read and learned about controlling many of the major behavior problems that dogs have like housebreaking, proper leash etiquette, how to stop him from digging,barkingand jumping. But is this really going to help you if you can’t get aleashon him without him biting you? If you have a young puppy to deal with, there are several things you must be prepared for.Just keep in mind that having puppies is not always what you thought it would be. Often times it seems that all puppies do is get into trouble. If it is difficult for you to deal with him because he whines, cries, and is rough with your kids, just remember that he is also a kid – a baby, and just like little babies, puppies want to explore with their mouths, paws etc… They’re learning everything about their surroundings, even how other dogs react to them. If something is exciting for all the other dogs, they want in on it too. So how to deal with this? Well, like parents would do with their children, it’s your job to show your puppy the rules. Don’t chastise and yell at him, because it will only make him fearful of you, but really teach him. Figure out what you want your puppy to do and then set up reasonable goals that you and him can work on together.

Learn about and practice the basic training methods first. Once your puppy has learned how to listen to you when you ask him to Come, Sit, etc, he’ll be more willing to accept your teaching him when the time comes to resolve the bigger difficult problems.

Dog training faux pas

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