Catalan Shepherd Dog Breed Information

Originally, the Catalan Shepherd was a guard of flocks and herds. Nowadays, is used as a good companion.

Height, weight: from 45 to 55 cm high. Weighs around 20 kg.

Fur, color: long, lank and a little wavy, it feels rough. Has a good amount of under hair, which is what covers its face, forming a beard and covering, a little, eyes; it can still see though. It may be a wafer, sand or gray color.
Appropriate for: people with an ideal request; for it tcatalan shepherd  Dog Breed Informationo be a calm dog at home and for it to have plenty of energy when outside.

Not Appropriate for: inconsistent or indecisive people.

As a member of the family: it’s very important to make a clear connection with it right away. It defends the family and is very attached to them. A well upbringing will make the dog an irreplaceable friend.

Breed’s character: mild and rural, distrustful with strangers. Very alert, austere, and opposed to changes of weather. In its origin, it was known to be an irreplaceable auxiliary for shepherding.

Common sicknesses: hip disorders, but only in some cases.
Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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