Carline puppy dog Breed & race information.

They are miniature teddy bears. With a square head, compact body and strong bones. The China Dutch Company brought the Chinese Carline Dog around the XVI century. William I, Prince of Orange, was the main breeder and in his court these dogs were very valued. When the Protestant William II took over after dethroning James II, the Carline traveled with the prince to England, where it quickly gained popularity. Madame Pompadour was among their enthusiasts along with Maria Antoinette, and the Duchess of Windsor. The black variety wasn’t known until 1877, when Lady Brasseycame back from China with a couple of black Carlines. Their name comes from XVIII century, Carline Bertinazzi, an actor from Harlequin, a character that much like the Carline has a black face mask. It is believed that the original Carlines were bigger. Due to the size of their snout they may suffer from respiratory problems. They mustn’t be left in closed areas with little ventilation or endure long car rides.

Character of the Carline
This breeds motto is “Multum in parvo” (a lot in a small package), since they are rather small but keep the character or a large dog. They are calm and reserved, yet affectionate with their owners and kind with strangers.

They have the tendency to gain weight so they must follow a strict diet.

Characteristics of the Carline

  • Size: 22 to 28 cm
  • Weight: 7 to 9 kg
  • Color: mahogany, beige; with a black face mask
  • Coat: short and straight.

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