Canine Bronchitis in Dog. Acute or not?

The dog bronchitis in dog is the inflammation of the canine’s bronchial tubes, usually as a complication of an infection of the respiratory system, diseases like distemper, pneumonia, or as a consequence of exposure to extreme cold, or if the dog hasn’t been dried off well after being in the water for a long time. Breathing in irritating gases or continuous exposure to these fumes are other causes of bronchitis.

The signs are variable coughs, often coarse, sudden and uncontrollable, especially after a long night’s rest. You can hear gasping and crackly breathing. Adult and old animals are more likely to suffer chronic bronchitis, which frequently coincides with vascular insufficiency, in the old dogs. They have difficulties breathing and their coughs are distressing. They will also often vomit with a lot of mucus, alone or with abundant nasal secretion. Any change of room temperature can provoke a cough outburst. Keep him warm, especially the chest and back. It is important that he is under veterinarian treatment, due to the possibility of vascular repercussions.

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