Bobtail Dog Breed Information

The “early English Shepherd dog”, is a like a Scottish saga. In other words, a charming dog.

Height, weight: around 53 cm high; weighs between 34 to 40 kg. Has a short and “stocky” aspect. Its short tail is congenital in many bobtails, which is why the name was used to designate them, because Bobtail means “short tail”.

Fur, color: hairy, shaggy; in bundles and not curly, it’s under hair is impermeable. Its color is different shades of gray and grayish-blue. Appropriate for: people that are specifically interested in a Bobtail, and that have everything possible to obtain one.


Not Appropriate for: those who like to give the dog orders, who dispose of no room for it to move around and for those who don’t have time to take care of it.

As a member of the family: highly regards its family, but likes to be given its own space. It likes children and play.

Breed’s character: temperamental, peaceful, ability to adapt itself well, but is also self-assured and independent.

Common sicknesses: possible hip disorders. And that is basically the only one.

Life expectancy: up to 14 years.

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