Belgian Shepherd Dog Dog Breed Information

A Belgian sheep dog, with a unique aspect.

Height, weight: from 56 to 66 cm; approximately 28 kg.

Fur, color: medium length, straight and abundant, with very dense under hair. Pale or mahogany with a black beard.

Appropriate for: people with families who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Not Appropriate for: people that don’t like to walk or spend a lot of time caring for longhaired dogs.
As a member of the family: extraordinary guard qualities.Belgian Shepherd Dog

Breed’s character: very versatile and agile, besides watching over cattle, they are capable of many other tasks, for example rescue efforts in the army or police. They learn well and are very devoted to their owner. At first were bred in a region in Belgium as sheepdogs, but do well elsewhere in any weather.

Common sicknesses: not very frequent cases of nervous alteration.

Life expectancy: up to 10 years.

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