Alphabetical Dog Names

Below is a list of dog names you can use and should read very carefully. Remember the old slogan by Quaker Stake I believe “What’s in a name?” Well, everything! Just like a name can after a child’s life, character, behavior, ambitions… the one you chose for your dog can affect your relationship with it. It is important that you know your dog’s character before you assign it.
Example of why it’s important:
A nervous dog needs a name that sounds soft & calm.
A dominating dog is easier to control if given a short, brief, snappy name.

What are the basic fundamental rules of dog naming:

  • Dogs can really only hear (understand) two (2) syllable. So, avoid long names.
  • After a soft consonant, use a strong vowels.


  • The letter ” f ” is a soft consonant. An ” e ” to follow in the dog’s name is not ideal, however an ” a ” would be well heard by the dog.
  • To the reverse, a strong consonant like an ” r ” can be followed by a soft vowel.
  • Don’t be shy about doubling up on sounds: Kiki, Bobo, Yoyo…
  • Be careful with sounds that can’t be heard.
  • Choose a name adapted to your dog taking into account its size, sex, character.


The Alphabetically Ordered Dog Names listed within will help you choosing a dog name with the same love and care then a choosing a name for a child. Dogs are family member of high value that will become part of your family for years to come. Pick a Dog Name… like a parent and remember: The letters A-E-I-O-U are called vowels.
The remaining 21 letters are called consonants.
Naming a dog for its size
Small Dog BreedLarge Dog Breeds
  • Nervous temperament, fast reacting dog.
  • A soft, soothing sounding name would be appropriate. A dog name that’s too short and dry could “excite” the dog too much.
  • Name that sound in “u” is possible with a soft consonant.

Bubu, Fifi, Vudoo

  • Naturally calm, slow reacting dog.
  • A striking, snappy name is preferable. A short name.
  • Hard, strong consonant and strong vowels.

Max, Rex, Kiki, Bob

Choosing according a the dog’ sex
A name with “male” or “masculine” consonants and vocal vowels (q, r, t, a …)A softer dog name. A sound in ” u “
Care for the dog’s character
Soft name. Soft, not too dry consonant . Reassuring dog name.Snappy, sharp name.
Dog name that sounds authoritarian.

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