Dog Pregnancy Stage Information and Time Line

In the early stage of dog pregnancy, or about two weeks after a female dog has copulated, her nipples start to get larger in size. It will be necessary for you to take your dog to the veterinarian so he can do a check up. The veterinarian will be able to notice and the presence of the puppies by touching the female dog’s stomach. During this stage you can also confirm if the dog is pregnant through blood tests. A female dog’s impregnation period lasts for about sixty three to sixty five days. At around the sixth week of gestation you should begin feeding your dog more food since by now her nutritional needs will increase. Your dog should be getting about fifty percent more than normal and make sure to feed her complete and balanced meals. Ask your veterinarian to help you plan a good balanced diet for the dog. If your dog is going to have a lot of puppies, you will be able to notice her abdomen growing in size, but there are dogs that do not start gaining weight until the last week. When a dog has a lot of puppies, the litter tends to be born premature.

When to call the veterinarian

  • The dog’s gestation lasts over 65 days.
  • If the female has been having contractions for the past two hours and has still not given birth to any puppies.
  • Over three hours pass before the female gives birth to the next puppy, especially if you notice that the dog is making a lot of effort and pushing.
  • If the dog seems to be too tired and her contractions are not strong enough to cause her to give birth.

Dog pregnancy question and answers
Is it possible for one litter to contain puppies from 2 different male dogs?
A: This is possible. Although each ovule can only be fertilized once, in each heat stage a lot of ovules mature, which is why it is possible for a female dog to become impregnated from several different male dogs if she has copulated with more than one. If you are intending for your female dog to become impregnated, it will be necessary to keep the dog away from other dogs until the heat stage has completely ended.
Q: How should I take care of the newborn puppies?
A: The best thing for a newborn puppy is heat. As soon as they are born put them inside a puppy crib and avoid putting it in a place with air currents. While the female dog is giving birth, you can push the puppies towards the mother.

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